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Recipe Search

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This option shows the total recipes in our database.

This option is activated from the RECIPE MANAGER. By clicking on the SEARCH button.

To return to Recipe Manager, only press a click on the button: RECIPE MANAGER

We can to find a phrase or word, only entering this in the field.

We can to search in a specific category or all categories.

We can also tell to search recipes in all countries or a specific country.

Search Filter These options are used to search for the word or phrase in any of the 3 /span> main options, either within INGREDIENTS - PREPARATION OR OTHER NOTES. The word ALWAYS be sought in the name of the recipe. If you check the box, we will ONLY RECIPES WITH PICTURE the filter only recipes that have picture.

Search by country: This option will show ALL recipes of selected country. You must select the option SPECIFIC COUNTRY, then select the desired country and press SEARCH button click.


Advanced Search: In this option we can filter recipes from a minimum number of servings, in addition to varying in the approximate cost for preparation. Selecting any of these options will request the variation, Example: if we want the recipes preparation have a cost between 10 and 20 put then BETWEEN 10 and TO: 20. IMPORTANT: The advanced search will search for these options but are ignore information on the word or phrase box

Once we place the desired parameters of the search, we need to press a button click SEARCH. We will display a window with the search results.

In this window we select the recipe you want to view by double clicking.
This will send directly to the Recipe Manager screen with the contents of the selected recipe.

This option will allow us to make a specific or all recipes of a selected group.