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Recipe Manager

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In this option you can create - edit - delete, and export recipes. (The recipes can also be added from the Web browser if you have an Internet connection)

To create a new recipe must select the category which would link this recipe. Then press a click on button NEW.

Now we need to enter the name of the recipe, Duration (aproximate time), Yield / Servers, Approximate cost (in local currency). You can select the recipe rating between 1 and 5: 1 is Bad and 5 is excellent.

Also you can select the difficulty level for this recipe, from 1 to 5, 1 is difficult and 5 is easy.

In the recommended drink field, will allow you to enter a recommended drink for the current recipe. Also include the country of origin of this recipe if you do not know can leave this field blank. One advantage is that you fill in the search option also allows you to search by country.

We can type in the ingredients directly into the box or press the EDIT buttom located under the box Ingredients. The ingredients can be entered into a text box or GRID mode. See below for more information about the Grid.

Then enter the preparation in the same way we enter the ingredients, and if we have any special note you can include in the field OTHER NOTES.

Only the recipe name is mandatory to create a recipe

If you have a photo of the recipe, you can to include, by clicking in the EDIT button located under the photo. There will select the path and name of the photo.

Once you have entered all data, click in the button SAVE.

The MOVE button: This button will allow us to move a recipe from one category to another category. For example: We can move the recipe: GALLO PINTO from Category: :Recipes" to category: "Rice".

The PRINT button: This buttom will send the current recipe to the printer.

The VIEW button: This buttum show us the recipe in full page layout. Since this option can also print the recipe pressing click the button with a printer.

The SEARCH button: This burrom show the search screen of the recipe manager.

Culinary Glossary option: If you want to know the meaning of a word, we just have to click twice on the word.

We open the culinary terms administrator in a new windows.

In the Culinary Glossary can also press twice click on a word and show us their meaning. If the word is not recorded, meaning we can enter and then save.

If you want to see the picture in a larger size, only need make two clicks on the image, this will open a new window with the image in a larger size. You can stretch the image to the size you want. Example:

This option will allow the user to export a recipe in .Mrp format (My Recipebook Professional). Additional recipes can export in the following formats:
- .HTM
- .JPG
- .BMP
- .TIF
- .GIF
- .PNG

With the MRP format you can to export recipes and share with another customers or friends.


To export one o more recipes, must press a click on button EXPORT, this will open the following window:

Here we need to select the format you want to export the recipe. Also, if we want a recipe or several recipes specify. - If you check the box: SEND BY EMAIL AFTER EXPORT, we will send this recipe attached for your email account. Using Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook or Novell Groupwise.

Should you wish to export a recipe, click on the button: OK, this will open a new window asking the directory where you want to save the recipe. By doing so show us the path and file name that was saved the exported recipe. In the event that the option we selected two or more recipes we show the following window:

In this option must select TWO OR MORE RECIPES and then click on the OK button. This we will display the following window.: (Here you have to select the recipes you wish to export. Then press a click on the buttom EXPORT) - When do we ask the directory where you want to save the exported recipes.


This button will delete the current recipe or many recipes. When pressing click on this button, the following window will appear:

If we want to delete the current recipe must only pressing click on the OK button. If we remove more than one recipe. Select the option TWO OR MORE RECIPES pressed then click on the OK button. We get the following window: Here we select all the recipes you wish to remove. Then click on the button DELETE.

To delete a recipe we just have to press click on the delete button.

NOTE: When you delete a recipe, you also remove the image.


This new option allows you to enter in My Recipebook recipes type: step by step. When selecting the type of recipe: The recipe manager to allow us to enter every step that contains the recipe a different photo and preparation and other comments for each step.

A step by step recipe would look like the following image:

That would be step # 2 and later:

Button: INSERT PICTURE FROM WINDOWS CLIPBOARD, this lets you without the need to first save the photo to include in the recipe. All you need to do is copy any picture to the Windows Clipboard, even of the Internet, and then press this button, immediately the photo will be included in the recipe.

This button works only when the VIDEO / PHOTO LOCAL is selected. Since the VIDEO / PHOTO WEB, what are Links will be saved either photos links Internet Links or videos

This new option will allow us to enter the ingredients using units, ingredients and quantities separately. No longer in text mode as previous versions.

When creating a new recipe this is preset to enter the ingredients in text mode. To enter them in the grid, we need to click on the GRID option. We recommend you click the EDIT button, this will display a window as follows:

Here we enter the recipe has many ingredients.

NOTE: In you want to place the ingredients in a title. This must be entered in the column COMMENT. and 0.00 in quantity.